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September 06, 2018

From the Principal: Mrs. Garcia

The second week of the school year has started! Students are already into their routine for arrival, recess, lunch, and class schedules! The Teachers are setting a pace that invites and challenges so that all our learners are eager to participate!

Judging by all the communications, Festival Planning is moving along quickly! Let’s all plan to meet each other at St. Cecilia’s State Fair opening Friday evening, October 12th! The CYO Sports Program and even the Parent-Led Sports for the Primary Grades are ready for kick-off!

High School Visit Dates are being arranged; Sacramental Dates and schedules are being lined up! It is exciting to watch all these events whirl around and set a wonderful rhythm for our students! This year, SC Students will be attending Mass on a weekly basis. The Classes have signed up to attend the 9:00am Mass Monday through Thursday. The monthly Student Body Masses are still in place each month! This is another opportunity to be actively participating in our faith.

And the good news is - well the news is, STAR Testing begins net week. Since we are just underway here at St. Cecilia’s, we will be preparing the students, the technology, and the teachers to begin the testing program for 2018-2019. Please affirm your children that this testing is their opportunity to show us what they have accomplished and what they need us to help them strengthen!

The Parish Picnic is coming up quickly! The Men’s Club wants to announce that SWIM BANDS for SC Students and Family Children are Free – compliments of the Men’s Club!

PLEASE! Check your personal Morning Schedules and Afternoon Times – Can you help to monitor and direct Drive Through either in the morning or afternoon? Contact us at the School Office quickly! Your presence is a bonus to all that we do here at St. Cecilia’s!

About St. Cecilia School

Mission Statement

St. Cecilia School is a Catholic elementary school of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, whose purpose is to develop students who are active Christians, life-long learners, and socially responsible citizens.

Philosophy Statement

St. Cecilia School is a Catholic elementary school dedicated to the religious, academic, social, psychological, cultural, and physical development of each individual. St. Cecilia School is committed to providing instruction and opportunities in a Catholic community of faith which will lead the children to pray, to serve and respect others, and to make Christian choices.

Parents, as primary educators, and teachers, as facilitators of learning, work together to provide a quality education that assists students in developing their unique capabilities and prepares them to become responsible citizens.

Students develop intellectually by participating in age-appropriate and meaningful activities. As life-long learners, students develop the skills of effective communication and problem solving to help them face the challenges of the future.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Graduates of St. Cecilia School are:

• Active Christians
• Life-long learners
• Socially responsible citizens
• Effective communicators
• Problem solvers

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