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August 22 - 28, 2018

Children are the messages that we send to the future.
Together let us fill tomorrow with curious learners and confident leaders.

Mission Statement

Graduates of St. Cecilia School are active Christians, lifelong learners, socially responsible citizens, effective communicators, and problem solvers.

Welcome from Mrs. Garcia

Greetings St. Cecilia Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your warm welcome! After six weeks I have been able to witness your deep pride and loving commitment to this community. It is exciting to be here! Obviously, there is so much happening at once ~ construction projects, new pastors, new principal (I am not a Dodger Fan – Go Red Sox!), schedule changes, and enthusiastic visions! We have a marvelous opportunity to reach into tomorrow by making each school day and adventure toward achievement for our children!

We have an extraordinary opportunity within the borders of Catholic elementary education to acknowledge the unique God-given spirit of each learner and to guide him and her to recognize their tremendous potential to be valuable participants in the future.

St. Cecilia School is a special community blessed with deep traditions of faith and family. It is our turn to honor this heritage! So let’s step forward to share our wit and wisdom as we use God’s grace to make each today an easy passage to tomorrow.

May the road rise to meet our steps; May the Spirit of Hope surround us with understanding; May smiles and laughter build our friendships; and May God hold us always in the Palm of His Gentle Hand.


Mrs. Kathleen M. Garcia
Interim Principal

Kindergarten Families

Kindergarten Play Date

Saturday, August 25th 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Parkside Square Playground, Vicente and 28th Avenue

All incoming Kindergarten students and families are invited to join us for bagels, juice, coffee, and an opportunity for you and your child to get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with other incoming Kindergarten students and their families before the first day of school. Siblings are welcome! St. Cecilia School sweatshirts and t-shirts will be available for purchase for any parents who are interested.

MANDATORY New Kindergarten Families Information Afternoon

In an effort to streamline Registration Day for Kindergarten families, we will have an Information Afternoon for NEW Kindergarten families on Sunday, August 26, from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., in the Lower Church. This meeting is for parents only, and at least one parent per family must attend. At this time, Ms. Athena Nomicos (K-Gold teacher) and Mrs. Teri Watters (K-Blue teacher) will explain Kindergarten procedures and answer questions. Mrs. Melanie Manning, Extended Care Director, will also clarify Extended Care procedures. We will also have representatives from various school and parish groups to share ways you can be involved in the life of the school and parish community.

Parents should bring:
1. completed forms which have been downloaded from the website
• Medical Release And Consent To Treatment of Child – please fill out, print, and bring on Registration Day. (CLICK HERE)
• Parent/Student Handbook Agreement Form - please fill out, print, and bring on Registration Day. (One Per Family—Return to the oldest child’s teacher) Please review the handbook before signing this form. (CLICK HERE)
2. your child’s school supplies
3. Family Fee: $50 (ONE CHILD) $70 (TWO CHILDREN) Make check payable to: St. Cecilia Mothers Club

Kindergarten Sneak Peek on Registration Day - Wednesday, August 29!

You’ll get a Sneak Peek of our Kindergarten Kingdom. Come explore your classroom, listen to a story and find your own cubby!
You’ll get a Sneak Peek of your teacher and teacher aides.
We’ll get a Sneak Peek of you in your St. Cecilia uniform! We’ll take a family photo. Bring your best smile!
Families with the last names of A – L, please come from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Families with the last names of M – Z, please come from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

If you signed up for Extended Care please check in with Mrs. Manning, Director of Extended Care. If you registered for music lessons, please check in with Ms. Cardenas, Director of Music. Both will be in the auditorium from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Registration Day - Wednesday, August 29

Room Assignment

Registration is from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Families, please locate your child’s room assignment on the wall in the schoolyard or on the wall outside each classroom. Registration of students will take place in each child’s classroom. Since this is considered the first day of school, parents must check in with each child’s teacher. Students in Grades 1-8 do not need to wear their uniforms.

Remember, no child will be registered on this day if the first tuition payment of the year (due August 1 or 15) has not been paid.

SchoolSpeak & Mandatory Forms

Please log onto your school SchoolSpeak account and update your contact, and pertinent information.
If you did not receive this information please email .

Please complete the following forms (now available on the school website). They MUST be downloaded and brought with you COMPLETED to school on Registration Day.
Medical Release And Consent To Treatment of Child – please fill out, print, and bring on Registration Day. CLICK HERE
Family Information and Parent/Student Handbook Agreement Form - please fill out, print, and bring on Registration Day. CLICK HERE
(One Per Family—Return to the oldest child’s teacher) Please review the handbook before signing this form.

Other Forms (Optional)
*Some forms may not be available until a later date.

Altar Servers Form
Birthday Book Club Forms
School Counseling Release Form
Physician’s Statement/Medication
Volunteer Application Form

Annual Family Fees

Annual Family Fees will be collected on Registration Day. Fees will be collected per family in your oldest child’s classroom:
One Child Family $ 50
Two Children Per Family $ 70
Three Children Per Family $ 90
Four Children Per Family $110

In addition to supporting the many services and activities of the Mothers Club that benefit all children, these fees include a classroom donation to the Parish Festival, the Mothers Club Fundraiser, a class gift to the teacher for his/her birthday, and an end of the year gift. Please make your check payable to: St. Cecilia Mothers Club. Fees will be collected from the representative in your oldest child’s classroom.

Auditorium on Registration Day

The following groups will have tables in the auditorium where you can check in, sign up, purchase items, or ask questions:

• Music Teachers
• Altar Servers
• Men’s Club
• Extended Care
• Chinese Club
• Boys and Girls Athletics
• Uniform Exchange
• Upton’s Catering (SchoolFoodies)
• Drama Club
• Mothers Club Spirit Items for Sale
• Sign-up for Children’s Choir
• Cub Scouts

School News

Mandatory Parent Meetings

New Kindergarten Parents Information Afternoon
Sunday, August 26, 3:00 p.m., Lower Church

Back to School Nights for Parents Only
Grades 7-8—Wednesday, September 5, 7:00 p.m.
Grades K-6 — Wednesday, September 13, 7:00 p.m.


Please label all school supplies with your child’s name. Students should bring all school supplies with them on Tuesday, August 22.
The school supply list is available on the school website at

Extended Care

Extended Care is open the first day of school, Thursday, August 30, from 12:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. All pre-registered Extended Care participants must check in on Registration Day to receive the Information Packet for the year. If you have not pre-registered for Extended Care by Registration Day, please check in with the director to discuss availability. All children must be registered in the program before attending Extended Care.

If a student is not enrolled in Extended Care and is not picked up within fifteen minutes of dismissal, he/she will be brought to Extended Care, and the parents will be charged $15.00/hour.


Thursday, August 30 and Friday, August 31—Minimum Day All Grades
Grades K-8 8:10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Tuesday, September 4 through Friday, September 7
Grades TK, K & 1 follow the minimum day schedule 8:10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Grades 2 – 8 follow the regular daily schedule
8:10 a.m. -3:00 p.m. (M, T, Th, F)
8:10 a.m. -2:30 p.m. ( W )

Beginning on Monday, September 10 ALL grades will follow the regular daily schedule.
8:10 a.m. -3:00 p.m. (M, T, Th, F)
8:10 a.m. -2:30 p.m. ( W )

School Dress Code and Guidelines for Hair Styles

All students are to be appropriately groomed each school day.

Hair must be clean and neat. Bangs are to be above the eyebrows. Hair is not to be combed or styled so that it covers one side of the face! Boys’ hair must be above the shirt collar.
* Shaved heads and blade cuts less than a number 2 blade are NOT permitted.
* Tails and spiked hairstyles are not permitted.
Any designer-type or fad haircut is expressly forbidden. Bleached or dyed hair is unacceptable. Students may not attend school until hair is returned to natural color. Students who come to school with an objectionable hairstyles or colorations can be prohibited from attending school or school sponsored events until the haircut/style is remedied.

* Boys are to be clean-shaven at all times.


All students are expected to be in perfect uniform on Thursday, August 30.

Uniforms are purchased at Classic Designs, 1515 Taraval St., San Francisco, CA 94116

Shoes for boys and girls (K-8):
All white leather,
low-cut, tie or velcro tennis shoe with court sole (no zipper style shoes)
White leather Keds are acceptable (no zipper style shoes)

Girls are not allowed to wear make-up, nail polish, acrylic nails, multiple, dangling, or hoop earrings. A single post in each ear is acceptable. Boys are not to wear earrings. Wearing one watch is acceptable! Scrunches, hair clips, hair bands, etc. must be in the hair, not worn on the wrist.

School sweaters are required for formal school assemblies and school Masses. Blocks and Stars from Sports Awards for Grades 7-8 are sewn on the lower right of the sweater. School sweatshirts are not worn in the classrooms. If students choose to wear a sweatshirt outside at recess times, it must be a school sweatshirt. All boys must wear a belt!

Please note that shorts are not a required piece of the uniform for gym. It is highly recommended that girls wear shorts under their uniform.


The first payment from SMART Tuition was due on your selected date of August 1 or August 15. A late fee will be applied if your tuition is not paid on time. No child will be allowed to start school if the first payment has not been received.

SMART Tuition

We will be billing tuition as well as all fees (field trips, music tuition, extended care tuition, drama fees, etc) to your SMART Tuition account. For families who pay annually, please check your account monthly for miscellaneous fees. Your monthly payments are due on either the 1st or 15th of the month. SMART Tuition will NO longer send an invoice via US postal service unless you had previously opted in to receive a paper invoice. Otherwise, all invoices will be emailed. Please look for your invoice in your email account that you used when signing on to SMART Tuition. Also, if you are late with a payment a $50 late fee will be applied

Volunteers Needed for Drive-Through

Volunteers supervise both Drive-Through procedures, and we count on parent volunteers to assist. Arrival volunteers need to be in the schoolyard from 7:40 a.m. to 8:10 a.m., and afternoon volunteers need to be present from 2:50 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. (except Wednesday at 2:20 p.m.).

We encourage all families to volunteer at least once per quarter. We welcome moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers to come and assist.

Please sign up visit:

If you have questions, please email Elaine Lau at


We encourage all families to drive through the gates on 18th Avenue in the morning to drop off their children and in the afternoon to pick-up. Using the Drive-Through for both morning and afternoon is optional. However, if you choose not to use drive-through, please do NOT double park on Vicente Street or 18th Avenue or cross in the middle of the street.
All pedestrians MUST use the crosswalks!

Arrival Drive-Through:
• Enter 18th Avenue from Vicente Street only. Drive slowly!
• Turn right into the schoolyard.
• Stop at designated area to unload passengers.
• Make a U-turn to exit the yard. Be careful of pedestrians!
• Turn right onto 18th Avenue.

Dismissal Drive-Through:
• If the line of waiting cars extends beyond 18th Ave. & Vicente St., cars should line up on 18th Avenue between Vicente and Wawona Streets. Do not block the intersection, Vicente Street, or private driveways.
• When the gates are open, turn right into the schoolyard. Drive slowly!
• Place a placard with your family name on the dashboard. For car pools--The driver must have the names on the dashboard of each family in the car pool.
• An adult will call the family name as the car approaches.
• Stop at designated area to pick up passengers.
• Make a U-turn to exit the yard. Be careful of pedestrians!
• Turn right onto 18th Avenue.

The parking lot on 17th Avenue should NEVER be used for drop off or pick up.

School Pictures

School pictures will be taken on Wednesday, September 24 (Grades TK-3) and on Friday, September 26 (Grades 4-8).
Students wear their school uniform (including school sweater) for pictures.

Music Registration

All families who pre-registered in the spring will find the music tuition billed to their SMART Tuition account based on the payment plan chosen: one payment of $630.00 (September SMART Tuition) or two payments of $315.00 each (September and October SMART Tuition). A registration fee of $50/child will be billed in September to your SMART Tuition Account. There are a limited number of music spaces available. Please check with Ms. Cardenas, Director of Music, on Registration Day in the school auditorium.


Welcome from the SCMC President

Welcome to all our new and returning students and families!
I look forward to working with you this year in continuing to support St. Cecilia School in being the best place for our children to learn and grow.
I look forward to connecting with you soon.
Melissa Lewis

SCMC Communications on SchoolSpeak

Over the summer the St. Cecilia Mothers Club (SCMC) transitioned our digital communications to SchoolSpeak. This transition provides a more central place for you to access school related information and communications. Log into SchoolSpeak to see SCMC announcements and our calendar of events, and check back for more information to be added soon!

Visit SchoolSpeak for SCMC updates and look out for periodic emails throughout the year from “SchoolSpeak - Melissa Lewis”.

Parent Welcome Coffee

The Mothers Club invites all parents to the auditorium for coffee on the first day of school, Thursday, August 30, beginning at 8:10 a.m. This is a nice way to catch up with the summer news and/or to meet new friends. We hope you will join us!

Join the SC Community for a Clean-up Day Dinner at the Irish Cultural Center on August 25

The United Irish Cultural Center of San Francisco is donating 10% of all dinner sales from SC diners to the Mothers Club. Dinner will be served between 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and reservations are required.

Sign-up for the 2nd Annual Back-to-School Brunch at Trattoria DaVittorio

Once again, Vittorio's is opening their doors to 80 parents after they drop off their kids on the first day of school. Grab your coffee at SC and then head to Vittorio's on West Portal to celebrate a new year with SC parents.

Save the Dates for the 2018-19 SCMC Meetings

The SCMC Board hosts three evening meetings and one brunch for all members throughout the year. All moms are invited and encouraged to attend, connect with other SC moms, and hear about important updates. Save the following dates – and look out for more details about the September meeting soon!

* September 20
* January 17
* March 13
* May 19 - Installation Mass & Brunch

Interested in Getting Involved?

If you are interested in helping the St. Cecilia Mothers Club this year there are many ways to get involved. Fill out a brief form to share your interest!

Room Parent Volunteers

The Head Room Parents are responsible for assigning volunteers to organize class parties, encourage involvement in the Parish Festival and Mothers Club Fundraiser and in organizing other class events. The Assistant Room Parent is responsible for coordinating an assigned group of parents for a specific class party or event.

If you are interested in volunteering for a room parent position, please fill out this online form: Click Here!
Or visit the school website for the hard copy form.

Return this form to the Mothers Club representative in your child’s classroom on Registration Day or forward to the classroom teacher no later than Thursday August 30th.

SchoolFoodies Lunch Program

The lunch program will be offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting on Tuesday, September 4. SchoolFoodies will continue to provide the meals for our school.
For more information about the program, please visit!
Signup information will be available at registration.

Lunch Volunteers Needed

We need 4 volunteers each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to assist students in picking up their meals. There is NO COOKING NOR FOOD PREP! Volunteers are needed from 10:45 a.m. - 12 noon and 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. We encourage all families to volunteer at least once per quarter.

We will send out a Sign Up Genius for volunteer slots in the next week.

If you have questions, please email both Marley Quirante: and Jocelyn Vigil:

Birthday Book Club

Welcome to the St. Cecilia 2018-2019 school year from the Birthday Book Club. Please come check us out on Registration Day in the Lower Church. We have a great selection of books to choose from this year. Remember all books are $18.00 and go to the school library. Books can be purchased to honor your child’s birthday or a special dedication to a friend or loved one.

The current list of available books can be found here.
Download the donation form here.
Details on how the Birthday Book Club works can be found here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Katrina Tomeldan ( or Alexis Chavez (

Fall Box Tops Contest Through October 5

Start sending in those Box Tops! Once again, St. Cecilia School will be participating in the Box Tops for Education program. Clipping Box Tops is an easy way for you to support our school. Box Tops are each worth 10˘, and they quickly add up to real cash! Last school year, our school earned over $1,200, a figure we can easily surpass with everyone's participation. Just look for pink Box Tops on products, clip them, and send them in to your child's teacher. Our first deadline is October 5.
The class submitting the most Box Tops will win a free dress pass and a sweet treat party! For more information on the Box Tops for Education program, including a list of participating products and our school’s progress, visit Be sure to become a member to receive exclusive coupons and recipes and learn about extra ways for our school to earn.
Thanks for choosing to make a difference for our school with Box Tops!

Men of St. Cecilia (MOSC)

MOSC President

Mr. Sean Duffy is looking forward to leading the MOSC as President for the 2018-2019 season and would like to welcome all men of St. Cecilia (not just school dads) to join any of the activities.

School Clean-Up | SC Schoolyard | August 25 @ 10 a.m.

Liam Reidy is again the man in charge of the clean-up/touch-up of the school grounds before the kids arrive on that most wonderful day of the year. The job is especially important this year due to the school retrofit work that has been going on all summer. Be at the schoolyard by 10 am.

Afterwards there will be a dinner at the United Irish Cultural Center to keep the school year prep going! The United Irish Cultural Center of San Francisco is donating 10% of all dinner sales from SC diners to the Mothers Club. Dinner will be served between 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and reservations are required.

Parish Picnic | Blackberry Farm | September 16 @ 9 a.m

The Parish Picnic is a great day out and a chance to escape the summer fog. Sun, swimming, horseshoes, BBQ, a bevy of beverages and friends both new & old. Oh, and the kids should have fun as well. Go for a few hours or go for the day. But go. With the busy start to the year, this event will sneak up on you so please make plans now to attend. More details to follow.

MOSC Prime Rib Dinner | Lower Church | September 24

This is the first official MOSC meeting of the year–which is reason enough to attend­–but we’re also serving a delicious prime rib feast to make it worth your while. This meeting really sets the tone for the year so bring your energy, your ideas, your dues and a fierce thirst. Reservation email covering Dues/Fees coming shortly.

Cocktails / Volunteer Signup: 5:30 pm | Dinner: 6:30 pm-ish

MOSC Participation

Starting this year, participation in MOSC is mandatory for men with a child attending Saint Cecilia School. We ask for a minimum of 4 hours at MOSC-associated functions, but if you've ever been to or participated in a MOSC event, you know that this will be the easiest time ever served. Working an event is often better than the events themselves, not to take anything away from the events themselves, which are always stellar. There are a number of MOSC veterans always involved so it'll be easy to jump right in. Just sign up and show up and the vets will guide you from there.

Parish News

Saint Cecilia's Chinese Club

SAINT CECILIA’S CHINESE CLUB will have a table on Registration Day (August 29, 2018).  We welcome all existing and new members to come and re-register/sign-up for our club. We are excited to announce that Mandarin classes will be offered again this year.  Please stop by and find out all about it!  We look forward to seeing everyone there! 

Parish Festival 2018

Save the Date: OCTOBER 12-14!

The annual Parish Festival will take place October 12, 13, and 14th. Please mark your calendars and join us for three fun filled days at the SC State Fair!

To kick off the Festival, we will host a Movie Night on Saturday, September 29, featuring Charlotte's Web. The movie will begin at sunset and concession stands will be open for snacks and beverages. Festival t-shirts and blankets will also be sold.

See you at the Fair!

Festival Co-Chairs,

Janice Calonico, Michael and Alexis Heathcote, Ailish McVeigh, Colleen Mulkerrins
Please contact us at with any questions.

About St. Cecilia School

Mission Statement

St. Cecilia School is a Catholic elementary school of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, whose purpose is to develop students who are active Christians, life-long learners, and socially responsible citizens.

Philosophy Statement

St. Cecilia School is a Catholic elementary school dedicated to the religious, academic, social, psychological, cultural, and physical development of each individual. St. Cecilia School is committed to providing instruction and opportunities in a Catholic community of faith which will lead the children to pray, to serve and respect others, and to make Christian choices.

Parents, as primary educators, and teachers, as facilitators of learning, work together to provide a quality education that assists students in developing their unique capabilities and prepares them to become responsible citizens.

Students develop intellectually by participating in age-appropriate and meaningful activities. As life-long learners, students develop the skills of effective communication and problem solving to help them face the challenges of the future.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Graduates of St. Cecilia School are:

• Active Christians
• Life-long learners
• Socially responsible citizens
• Effective communicators
• Problem solvers

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